This program is currently open to U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders) of the United States only. We anticipate program applications to be open to international students in Spring or Fall 2023. Once the program is ready to admit international students, an update will be posted here.

The Master of Science in Accessible Human-Centered Computing (AHCC) is a two-year program designed for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals seeking specialized academic training in designing, evaluating, and implementing effective evidence-based accessible design and evaluation strategies and messages to address the accessibility needs of diverse audiences.

AHCC coursework recognizes that computing is pervasive in the 21st century, and access to computing for people with disabilities is a key part of enabling community participation and access to the labor market. The courses impart the following principles:

  • A diverse and inclusive workforce will result in a more effective and innovative organization. The confluence of the computing and inclusion trends has resulted in heightened attention and scrutiny on whether and how computing helps diversity and inclusion.
  • Laws and regulations in the USA (e.g., the ADA, Section 508), as well as corporations, recognize that people with disabilities constitute a key demographic that cannot be excluded from computing products and services.
  • Knowledge of accessible design and methods is fundamental to providing accessible computing.

Students will be exposed to Gallaudet University’s unique expertise in accessible computing through a deaf and hard of hearing-centric lens. They will gain practical hands-on experience in accessible design through both coursework, and participating in ongoing accessible research and development projects run at Gallaudet University and its partners. Much of the instruction will be interactive and will include the use of new and emerging accessible technologies, making students well-prepared to meet the organizational demands for accessible technology.

The program will be structured in terms of cohorts with students progressing through the program as a group. This format not only ensures on-time program completion, but also maximizes interaction with faculty and fellow students and networking. Industry experts will offer support and advice, along with internship opportunities.