The International Development Master of Arts Degree Program (IDMA) prepares students to advocate, design, implement, monitor and evaluate social change activities in collaboration with Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard-of-Hearing people, and people with disabilities, at local, national and international levels. IDMA coursework provides practical experience examining legal and social policy frameworks, political and economic conditions, sociocultural and language-centered values and rights, and other features of contemporary life that contribute to or impede social participation and social justice.

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Meet our faculty and staff

Dr. Audrey C. Cooper, PhD, MSW & MS
Associate Professor & Program Director

Maegan Shanks, MA 
Faculty & Program Assistant

Sonia Holzman, MA 
Program Specialist & Outreach Liaison

Katherine Breen, MA 
Affiliated Faculty

MJ Jones, MA
Adjunct Faculty

Steph Niaupari, MA
Adjunct Faculty

Neha Balachandran, MA
Graduate Assistant