The IDMA Program Monthly Journal [MOJO] is for colleagues, communities, friends, and partners dedicated to social justice work within and across international development spaces, scholarship, advocacy, research, training, policy-making, and fieldwork practice.

MOJO grows out of our mission of our graduate program is to train professionals in critical theories and methods for advancing social change efforts that are led by deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing communities and reflective of all of the intersecting backgrounds in which we live, work together to address global inequalities, and make our worlds life-giving and sustainable.

In this endeavor, we affirm the dignity and integrity of every human being—from every background and identity—including gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, class, ability, language, national origin, religion or spiritual tradition, and life circumstances that may involve changes in residence, changes in health, or other unexpected situations.

MOJO 1 -- Inaugural Issue: Understanding Our Own Biases & International Development

MOJO 2 -- Building Relationships form a Critical International Development Perspective

MOJO 3 -- IDMA Spring 2019 Collaborations & Internships: Focus on Chile, Indonesia, and the Philippines

MOJO 4 -- Deaf Leadership in International Development

MOJO 5 -- IDMA Program Spring 2019 Internships in Denmark, Nigeria, and the US

MOJO 6 -- Celebrating IDMA Class of 2019 & Post-Graduate Activities

MOJO 7 -- New Academic Year, New Opportunities

MOJO 8 -- Spotlight on Alumni & Faculty Summer/Fall Activities

MOJO 9 -- Focus on World Action

MOJO 10 -- Spotlight on Change-Makers & Sustainability

MOJO 11 -- International Advocacy & Action in the COVID-19 Moment

MOJO 12 -- Year End Wrap-Up & Graduation Spotlight