Pictures of PHAs

Peer Health Advocates (PHAs) are student paraprofessionals who receive extensive training in a variety of health issues, presentation methods, and referrals. PHAs are primarily responsible for educating about and advocating health and wellness for the student population through a variety of individual, group, and community strategies including, but not limited to, individual appointments, workshops, booths, banners, flyers, bulletin boards, bathroom tips, newsletters, dramatic performances, games, and role-plays.

Outreach Responsibilities:

1.    Develop and conduct scheduled programs and educational sessions throughout the year, as well as at the request of faculty, other paraprofessional programs, athletic teams, student organizations, and other student groups.

2.    Promote HIV testing at weekly Deaf AIDS Project's booths.

3.    Co-coordinate one or more special events each month, including events such as World AIDS day, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Great American Smoke-out, Alcohol Awareness Week, and health fairs.

4.    Collaborate with other Gallaudet departments to co-sponsor events, such as movies, speakers, panels, and health fairs.

5.    Network with outside organizations to assist in the development of programs to benefit the Gallaudet campus community.

6.    Plan and present health booths on different topics of interest to the student population.

7.    Develop and maintain an eye-catching, monthly bulletin board in ELY Center with rotating topics.

8.    Post eye-catching, monthly healthy bathroom tips and other related information on posters around campus.

9.    Develop monthly event and topic banners in accordance with various health topics.

10. Develop and implement advertising strategies for all Health and Wellness Programs events.

11. Utilize planning forms to develop programs, health booths, and posted materials.

12. Distribute evaluation forms to each participant at each event.

13. Summarize programs on appropriate form following the implementation of each program.

14. Attend other PHAs' programs and review the PHAs with the Peer Program Evaluation form to give feedback and recommendations about programs.

15. Act as a liaison between the various health-related departments on campus and the student body.

16. Attend Peer Exchanges, Bacchus Network conferences, and other professional development events to share and learn information to enhance knowledge of health topics.

17. Assist with other Health and Wellness Programs activities, tasks, and projects as needed.

Peer Support Responsibilities:

1.    Treat information from students with complete confidentiality.

2.    Possess a working knowledge of campus resources and services, and refer students as appropriate.

3.    Expand knowledge of local community resources for appropriate referrals as needed.

4.    Be available as a resource to students during regular office hours.

5.    Meet individually with students who have questions about health issues and those who are referred to PHAs from other offices.

Team Member Responsibilities:

1.    Attend all PHA training sessions.

2.    Attend PHA retreats (August, January) along with weekly meetings.

3.    Align priorities so the PHA position takes precedence over personal commitments (second only to schoolwork).

4.    Understand and comply with all University policies.

5.    Maintain standard of personal and professional conduct that offer a good example to other students.

Requirements and Qualifications:

1.    Commit two consecutive semesters to the PHA program.

2.    Have and maintain a semester and cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.8 or above.

3.    Be and remain a full-time undergraduate student (registered for at least 12 undergraduate credits during both the Fall and Spring semesters.)

4.    Attend PHA training in August and January.

5.    Provide two unrelated references that can comment on your academic, personal, and/or professional performance.

To apply for a PHA position, contact us in February. Submit the application to Ely 103.  For more information on PHAs, please contact: