Cochlear Implant Services

Gallaudet's Hearing and Speech Center provides services and support for students and staff on campus with cochlear implants. Audiological testing, mapping, troubleshooting and/or replacement of external parts are provided on the Gallaudet Campus. In addition, aural rehabilitation and support with assistive technology are also provided. Audiologists at the Hearing and Speech Center maintain collaborative working relationships with cochlear implant centers also serving Gallaudet students and staff.


Mapping is provided for cochlear implant users with Advanced Bionics, Cochlear, and Med-El speech processors.


Repairs and Maintenance of speech processors and replacement of external parts (i.e. cords, magnets, etc.) and repairs are made through the manufacturers.


Aural Rehabilitation services include training in listening skills and telephone use, strategies for effective communication and speech reading classes.

Assistive Technology evaluations are available. During these evaluations, clinicians assess an individual's communicative needs, demonstrate equipment, and make recommendations for purchase


To schedule an appointment call 202.651.5328 (voice/tty) or 866-957-1232 (VP) or Click here to E-mail a request.