Adult Speechreading Courses

Beginning Speechreading and Related Topics:


This Beginning Speechreading course provides consumers with a foundation for good receptive communication. The course focuses on training the individual to watch a speaker's lips, facial expressions, body language, and gestures in order to understand the spoken message. Through speechreading techniques the hard of hearing person learns to use visual information, linguistic and situational cues, and communication strategies.


Related topics include:

  • Understanding your hearing loss and audiogram
  • Communication strategies and behaviors
  • Improving communication skills at home and work
  • Hearing aid care and maintenance
  • Assistive technology
  • Resources and support groups


Advanced Speechreading:


The Advanced Speechreading course is for individuals who have completed the beginning level course at Gallaudet University. This course teaches the basic principles of speechreading as well as strategies and techniques to improve communication skills. Intensive practice is stressed with a focus on the use of an assertive approach to communication, appropriate use of strategies, and speechreading in difficult listening situations.


Course Offerings:


The courses are offered each fall and spring semester once per week for 1½ hours per class.


All courses are 10 weeks and provide a total of 15 instructional hours.


Registration Information:


There is a fee for this course ($200.00 per person/$175.00 for senior citizens/$100.00 for supportive family member, significant other, or friend).


The cost includes registration, tuition, instruction, materials, and lab.



Please contact Antoinette Allen at 202-651-5658 or Khera Allen at 202-651-5328

at the Gallaudet University Hearing and Speech Center


Parking is available on campus.

Free Shuttle Bus Service from

Union Station Metro Stop and NoMa-Gallaudet University (New York Ave) Metro Stop (upon request).



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