Risk of Falls Screening

Why should you get screened for risk of fall?


To keep you safe, and maintain your quality of life. Each year, approximately 11 million Americans over the age of 65 years fall. Unintentional injuries from falling significantly reduce quality of life, not to mention the medical cost associated with surgery and hospitalization. For every ten older adults who sustained hip fracture in the U.S., two move to the long term nursing facility for the first time, and two do not survive longer than 1 year. By identifying the risks for falling before it happens, we can take steps to minimize the risks.


What is involved with this screening?


The screening has two parts: (1) completion of a variety of questionnaires, to be completed at home; and (2) a variety of in-office testing to see how you stand and walk under various conditions, your sensitivity to vibrations and changes in the environment, amongst others.


This screening will help us (1) determine whether you have an increased risk of fall, (2) determine possible causes of the increased risk, and (3) identify healthcare professionals to evaluate and treat or manage those conditions that may be contributing to the risk of fall.


The questionnaire portion of the screening may take anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours. This portion is completed at home before you come in to see us.


The in-office screening takes approximately 60 minutes.


How much does it cost to be screened?


Please contact us at guhsc@gallaudet.edu if you have concerns regarding payment.