Hearing and Speech Center Providers and Staff

Dr. Larry Medwetsky Name: Dr. Larry Medwetsky
Title: HSC Center Clinical Director
Email: larry.medwetsky@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-448-6965
Antoinette Allen Name: Antoinette Allen
Title: Speech Language Pathologist
Email: antoinette.allen@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-5658
Khera Allen Name: Khera Allen
Title: Front Desk Receptionist
Email: khera.allen@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-5328
Claire Buxton Name: Dr. Claire Buxton
Title: Audiologist
Email: claire.buxton@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-5321
Gretchen Cronin Name: Gretchen Cronin
Title: Speech Language Pathologist
Email: gretchen.cronin@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-6967
Anthony Duvall Name: Anthony Duvall
Title: Client Account Specialist
Email: anthony.duvall@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-5328
Title: Audiologist
Telephone: 202-651-5619
Martha French Name: Martha French
Title: Clinical Education
Email: martha.french@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-5328
Robin Goffen Name: Robin Goffen
Title: Speech Language Pathologist, Clinical Coordinator
Email: robingoffen@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-5378
Lucas Lancaster Name: Lucas Lancaster
Title: Audiologist
Email: lucas.lancaster@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-5328
Elizabeth Marcinkus Name: Elizabeth marcinkus
Title: Audiology Clinical Coordinator
Email: elizabeth.marcinkus@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-448-7083
Rachel Pizzonia Name: Rachel Pizzonia
Title: Manager, clinical Admin Operations
Email: rachel.pizzonia@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-5328
No Image Name: Clarissa Calzada
Title: Speech/Language Pathologist
Email: clarissa.calzada@gallaudet.edu
Telephone: 202-651-