Speech Pathology Services - Child

We provide bias free services across the life span to individuals and groups in the Gallaudet and greater metropolitan communities.


All services provided are holistic, functional, comprehensive and individualized.

These include but are not limited to:


  • Full speech-language diagnostic assessments.
  • Pure tone audiometric screenings and speech-language screenings - on and off campus.
  • Speech Language Therapy for:
    • Phonology/Articulation Disorders -Improve a child's ability to make speech sounds or eliminate patterns of errors that make it difficult to understand him/her.
    • Language delay/disorders - Improve a child's ability to express ideas or understand the speech/language of others.
    • Phonological Awareness - Improve a child's understanding of the sounds of English and the corresponding letters an important skill in learning to read. Some children have difficulty with this as well as learning to rhyme
    • Voice Disorders - Improve a child's vocal quality when it is harsh, hoarse, or raspy voice quality due to overuse/abuse, nodules, or degenerative diseases.
    • Organic Disorders - Improve the communication abilities of children who have Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Cleft Lip/Palate, Developmental Apraxia of Speech, etc.
    • Fluency/Stuttering - Improve a child's ability to produce fluent speech.
    • Oral-Motor/Feeding - Improve the strength and mobility of a child's mouth for speech, non-speech and feeding tasks.
    • Auditory Processing Disorders - Improve a child's ability to process/understand speech and language.
    • Aural Rehabilitation - Improve the communication abilities of children with hearing loss - Hearing Aids and /or Cochlear Implants.
    • English Language Evaluations and Stimulation - Increase exposure to spoken English for children who are bilingual - particularly hearing children of Deaf parents (CODAs).


The Hearing and Speech Center Staff strive to meet the communication needs of all our clients - clinicians know and use American Sign Language.


Email for more information on Speech Language Diagnostics or Speech/Language Therapy: guhsc@gallaudet.edu.