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Gallaudet University is rallying all Bison for this year’s Homecoming!

No matter your connection to Gallaudet: as a student, faculty, staff or visitor — the Bison spirit will always welcome you as part of the “herd”!

This year, we are celebrating “Once a Bison, Always a Bison”. If you have set foot on campus – whether as a student, faculty, staff or visitor – you embrace the Bison spirit because Gallaudet always has a place in your heart!

From the comforting bump when you drive onto campus to the breathtaking sunsets over Hanson Plaza, we cherish Gallaudet in different ways. This October, let’s celebrate together safely!

Homecoming 2021 Event Calendar

Gallaudet University looks forward to its Virtual Homecoming, October 22-24! We have planned an exciting three-day program for alumni and the larger university community. In fact, this may be our largest Homecoming ever, with participants from all over the globe!
“Once a Bison, Always a Bison.” Homecoming is a time to reminisce. For so many of us, Gallaudet is home, and home is where the heart is. The golden buff heart in this year’s Homecoming logo is a reflection of this sentiment.
Please join us in the weeks leading up to and the Homecoming weekend by using the hashtag #GallaudetUHomecoming and tagging @GallaudetU across social media channels. Share your favorite Homecoming memories, participate in our virtual events, and more! 
Most events require registration.
We look forward to celebrating with you. Once a Bison, Always a Bison!

Join us for Bison pride this October 2021!

In the spirit of campus health and safety, Homecoming 2021 events will be held virtually for all alumni October 22-24.

Download our Homecoming Media Kit!

Create your own digital assets using our media kit, from templates to email signatures, you’ll have everything you need to celebrate Homecoming!

Admissions Requirements

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