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As an Honors student, you will become part of a diverse group that works hard now to win big later. Our diverse community includes new and native signers, athletes, and international students as well as various identities of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, region, abilities, religion or spirituality, and more. We embrace this diversity with passionate commitment and seek to explore ways to build an equitable, just Honors community as practice for life after graduation. Whether you are looking to hit the job market with a bang or gain entry to the best graduate program in your field, we have the tools to help you get there.

Our recent University Honors graduates have done innovative research, groundbreaking creative projects, and exemplary service projects for their Honors Capstones.

University Honors Graduates 2021
Emelia Beldon - Is Gallaudet Diverse? Creating an R Package to Measure Institutional Diversity
Samantha Forshay - Over the Rainbow: A Study on the Impact of Raindrop Shape on Rainbow Arches
Lydia Kopp - Untold Stories of ASL Deprivation: A Collection of Experiences
Merri Lindsey - Facilitating Language Development: Recasting and Expansion Research Based Workshop
Faith Sanders - Black Identity Development in Deaf Individuals

University Honors Graduates 2020
Jaleah Dortch - A Memoir: Masked Butterfly
Raelyn Lovisa Fuechtmann - Experiences of a Mainstream Student: Developing the Whole Person
Aashni Kamra - Investigating Birth Outcomes Among Deaf Mothers: Hospital vs. Home Births
Hannah Rae Neild - The Challenges of the Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing:The Inside Story
Tayla Newman - “That's My Blue Crayon!”: Development of A Bilingual Storybook App
Casey Lee Peck - Vaccine Literacy Among Deaf Adult American Sign Language Users of Hearing Parents
Angela Rogers - The Filipino Sign Language Act in the Philippines: Policy Analysis
Stefania Sarkic - Linguistic Barriers in Mathematics Word Problems for Deaf Students
Patricia Brynn Schmidt - An Analysis of Emerging Technology’s Impact on Accounting: Creating a Brand—accountABLE—to Update Professionals in the Field
Micayla Whitmer - An Exploration of Kinesics in Black American Sign Language

University Honors Graduates 2019
Yunhe Bai - Barriers to job satisfaction of deaf employees: Implications for creating deaf- friendly work environments
Alexandra Forkin - (M)el(an)chol(ia): A Memoir
Gabrielle Humlicek - Interactive health literacy: Gender differences in a representative deaf college student sample
Bailey J. Moers - Implementation of group based cryptosystems in information security
Nikolya Sereda - BAGGAGE: An original script and production furthering deaf theatre’s evolution