Prospective Students
The Honors Program uses a holistic admissions process, meaning we consider the whole person. We will consider high school or college GPA and ACT test scores. We also get to know you through an interview. Motivated students are best qualified to apply for Honors with 26 or higher on both the ACT English and Composite scores and a G.P.A. of 3.5 from their previous institution. However, students with ACT English and Composite scores of 24 or higher may apply.

During the interview, we look for students to demonstrate intrinsic intellectual motivation, dedication and commitment to a program of study, and an ability to engage ideas and text beyond, or in addition to, the personal.

The first two questions are asked and answered in written English. The final two questions may be asked and answered using English or ASL (your choice). We will evaluate use of language and grammar in whichever language used. The entire interview will be recorded.

Your interview and academic history will be submitted to the Honors Council for consideration. The Honors Council is a group of highly experienced Honors faculty and staff responsible for overseeing the program.

Technology Requirements

We will conduct the video and text interview through Zoom or Google Meet. We will send you a link to the interview before the scheduled appointment. Make sure you have a fast internet connection (a wired connection is better than a wireless connection). If you do not have access to a fast internet connection, please let us know.

Current Students at Gallaudet University
Current freshmen and sophomores at Gallaudet University are invited to apply to Honors too!

Application Process for Current Students

*GPA of 3.4 or higher at Gallaudet University
*Freshman or sophomore standing (with at least five semesters remaining until graduation)
*Two letters of recommendation from professors
*An essay of why you are looking to join Honors, how you hope Honors can advance your goals after graduation, and some early thoughts you have about possible capstone topics
*Interview with the Honors Director