Admissions Criteria

The Honors Program uses a holistic admissions process. We consider a number of factors in making an initial placement, including test scores, GPA, and a prospective student's admissions interview.  Motivated students are best qualified to apply for Honors with 26 or higher on both the ACT English and Composite scores and a G.P.A. of 3.5 from their previous institution.  However, students with ACT English and Composite scores of 24 or higher may apply.

During the interview we look for students to demonstrate intrinsic intellectual motivation, dedication and commitment to a program of study, and an ability to engage ideas and text beyond or in addition to the personal.  Students will also be invited to ask questions about Honors or the University.   

Note: Transfer students with a high number of approved transfer credits and current second or third year students may immediately begin taking upper-level Honors coursework in preparation for the Capstone.