Students talking with a professor in a small classroom

Students take General Studies Honors courses for their first two years of college.  Students will collect a total minimum of 18 Honors GSR credits, or 1 - 2 courses per semester. Classes include the First Year Seminar, Critical Reading and Writing, 200- and 300 level Honors sections, as well as electives.  Students in the Honors General Studies courses receive excellent exposure to high-level critical thinking and writing skills. These skills are essential for employment or entry into graduate school after graduation.  Honors courses typically feature more engaging readings, more vibrant class discussions, and enhanced opportunities for deeper learning such as field trips, innovative assignments, and other opportunities.  Students seeking specialized skill development within their major (or possible major) may complete an Honors Contract with the course instructor.  The Honors General Studies curriculum provides rigorous academic training within a wide variety of environments that allows deaf and hard of hearing students to develop personally and socially in a fully accessible environment.  These courses prepare students for the University Capstone, where students will enhance and polish the professional skills needed for graduate school or the work force.

While Honors provides students with enhanced critical thinking development, we also understand the value of immersing in a primarily deaf/hard of hearing environment.  Many of our students become athletes, actors, and student leaders.  Students are also encouraged to do internships, join social organizations, and find employment on campus.  In fact, students get the most out of Honors if they merge their intellectual development with social development!

Additional information on the requirements for General Studies Honors, as well as the course sequence, can be found here:

Academic Catalog: Honors Program