Honors Pedagogy: Tutorial Model

Honors pedagogy centers on a tutorial model based on a growth mindset, particularly in the use of contracts and the capstone process. Gallaudet has been a leader in this renewed appreciation for a tutorial model of education which originated in modern Honors education with Frank Aydelotte’s pioneering of the Oxford tutorial at Swarthmore in the 1920s.

This model provides a principled framework that spotlights practices associated with our four program learning outcomes (see Mission and Outcomes). It centers on faculty mentoring students’ self-selected, individualized learning. Within our liberal arts and pre-professional programs, a good number of faculty are willing and even eager to work in-depth with our Honors students. Our framing of contracts and much of Honors learning at Gallaudet as tutorials resonates with our faculty.  And this concept suits a university focused on direct communication and strong relationships between students and faculty.

Honors courses and Honors sections of regular courses that we offer complement and round out Honors education at Gallaudet. With individual attention and mentoring relationships at the heart of Honors education, students have come to rely on the advising and individual appointments Honors staff provide students as well to guide them in creating contracts, choosing Honors sections/courses, and deciding on a capstone focus.