In order to foster a sense of community among new and current students of varied backgrounds, the Honors Program hosts an annual retreat before New Student Orientation in the fall semester. These retreats are a formative experience for incoming Honors students and are critical to the continuing development of the Honors community.

Honors Family Hour

August 16 8 PM (Zoom link will be sent directly to Honors families and students). Parents, guardians, and other family, join us for an overview of the Honors Program curriculum, a panel of current honors students talking about their experiences, and time for your questions with the Honors Program director and assistant director.

Virtual Sessions for new Honors Students:

  • August 17 7pm "All about Honors". (Zoom link will be sent directly to Honors students)
  • August 19 7pm "Summer Reading Discussion 1". (Zoom link will be sent directly to Honors students)

Then an in person Honors Day Apart:

  • August 23 (all day)- activities, games, discussions, and an ice cream social with President Cordano.
  • August 24 - Honors students join regular NSO Events on campus.

Jumpstart participants

Honors Students in JumpStart will attend the Honors Retreat. The retreat is an excellent place to meet new friends. New signers who have joined the retreat have enjoyed the experience as a time to develop more confidence in their signing skills and to meet friends outside the JumpStart community. New signers have been surprised by how quickly they meet new friends and how well they are able to engage with their peers. Interpreters are provided for the academic discussions and are available at other times if needed.


Honors students need to ensure that their medical forms from the student health service have been submitted prior to their arrival at the University. Students who do not have their immunizations completed by the close of business on arrival day will not be able to attend the Honors Retreat. Because participation in the retreat is a requirement for admission to Honors, students who do not attend the retreat will lose their Honors placement. If students have a scholarship with additional funding for participation in Honors, the loss of the Honors placement will reduce the scholarship award. Please check your Bison account for information on what the Student Health Service is missing from your required materials.

*Satisfactory performance in the Honors Retreat is required to retain an Honors placement. If you are not able to participate, contact as soon as possible. Failure to meet expectations of the Honors Retreat will result in removal from the program.