Honors Mission Statement

The Gallaudet University Honors Program provides advanced teaching and mentoring to a diverse group of motivated and capable students. Our program integrates in-depth academic preparation, individualized academic offerings, and professionalism. Each student in Honors is a part of a larger community of scholars seeking continual improvement.  In that spirit, our program cultivates personal and systemic transformation for a diverse national and global society. Students who complete the University Honors Capstone demonstrate they are best prepared for a changing and conflicted world. University Honors graduates possess the advanced skills, knowledge, and character conducive to life-long learning, creativity, and civic-minded service.

Student Learning Outcomes

We are committed to providing a rigorous curriculum that will eminently prepare students for graduate school and the professional world.  We will provide this curriculum concentrating on these five learning objectives:

Language and Communication

  • Honors students will excel in applying conventions of academic and professional discourse.

Critical Thinking

  • Honors students will learn to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate multiple perspectives and facts, ideas, and interpretations from various sources--particularly academic and professional sources-at an advanced undergraduate level.

Knowledge and Inquiry

  • Honors students will discuss and apply modes of inquiry of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences using entry-level professional or graduate school practices.

Attitudes and Values

  • Honors students will develop dispositions and abilities conducive to strong cognitive skills.
  • Honors Students will demonstrate professional behavior consistent with expectations of graduate schools or professional employers.
  • Honors students describe and evaluate the perspectives of diverse groups.
  • Honors students value and participate in civic-minded service as a way to improve society.