What does the picture look like?


Payroll Team Lead



Reserved, quiet, shy & laid-back

A wife of Tracey, A son of Basil, A dog of Aviator & A big city lover

Lover of blackberry pie, beach bum, cleaning the house & lima bean/beet

Who feels respect, positive, share & listen

Who finds happiness in open communication, trust & love

Who needs Mountain Dew, milk & a lot of sleep

Who gives a good life/successful to his son, Gallaudet’s love & his wife a headache ;-)

Who fears snakes, his wife/son for trying new things & rescuing animals is not in me but am willing to provide safety.

Who would like to see adopt a cat, food festival & more traveling

Who enjoys walking, biking and shopping (not online)

Who likes to wear many non-prescription glasses, blue jeans, jackets/coats, & baseball caps

Who dreams of husband/father, being excellent/loyal employee to Gallaudet & comfortable and happy retirement