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Human Resources Services notes for August 2015

November 2, 2015
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August 2015 Service Awards

Five years:  Dr. Kirk VanGilder, Assistant Professor; History, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology; Maria Saccente, Teacher; MSSD; Erin Land, Residential Educator; Student Life; Michael Hollywood, Teacher; MSSD; Dr. Julie Hochgesang, Assistant Professor; Department of Linguistics; Elizabeth Henry, Instruction and Reference/Electronic Resources Librarian; Library; Dr. Gemma Gabor, ELI Trainer/Program Coordinator; English Language Institute; Akilah English, Teacher; KDES

Ten years:  David Warn, Teacher; MSSD; Nanette Virnig, After School Programs Coordinator; KDES; Luciana Spinosi,  Enrollment Coordinator; Clerc Center Administration and Operations; Ethan Sinnott, Associate Professor/Director; Art, Communication and Theater; Dr. Robert Sanchez, Associate  Professor/Program Coordinator; History, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology; Dr. Kristin Mulrooney, Associate Professor/Graduate Program Coordiantor/Director of CBTL; Department of Linguistics; Dr. Eugene Mirus, Associate Professor/MA-DST Coordinator; ASL and Deaf Studies Program; Cheryl Lundquist, Assistant Professor; Art, Communication and Theater; Joseph Kolcun, Head SoftballCoach/Intramurals Coordinator; Athletics; Michelle Gough, Teacher; KDES; Dr. Teresa Burke, Assistant Professor; History, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology; Dr. Jeffrey Brune, Associate Professor; History, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology; Christi Batamula, Instructor/Placement Coordinator; Education; Kari Bahl, Interpreter III; Gallaudet Interpreting Service

Fifteen years:  Dr. Helen Thumann, Director, Accreditation, Certification and Licensure; Accreditation and Licensure; Dr. Barbara Stock, Associate Professor/Program Coordinator; History, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology; Dr. Caroline Solomon, Professor; Science, Technology and Math; Jessica Sandle, Assistant Principal; MSSD; Dr. Julie Mitchiner, Assistant Professor/Assessment Coordinator/SPA Writer; Education; Joel Krigsman, Help Desk Analyst; Gallaudet Technology Services; Rosa Guerra, Custodian; Custodial Services; Lynn Gorham, Accounts Payable Specialist; Finance Office; Dr. Teresa Crowe, Professor and Accreditation Coordinator/IRB Chair; Social Work; Genie Chisholm, Support Services Coordinator; Student Services; Dr. Derek Braun, Professor/Director; Science, Technology and Math; Leticia Arellano, ASL Proficiency Evaluator; ASL Diagnostics and Evaluation Services  

Twenty years: Catherine Valcourt-Pearce, Coordinator, Publications and Development; Training Products and Dissemination  

Twenty-five years: Kathy Pongor, Teacher; KDES; Dr. Donna Morere, Professor; Psychology; Robin Goffen, AR/Speech Language Clinical Coordinator; Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences; Dr. Marquessa Brown, BA Program Coordinator/Professor; Social Work  

Thirty years: Mona McCubbin, Immigration Compliance Officer/International Student Advisor; Research Support and International Affairs; Susan Gill-Doleac, Director, Gallaudet Dance Company; Art, Communication and Theater; Tonya Russ, Supevisor, Safety and Compliance; Transportation  

Thirty-five years: Ruth Reed, Teacher Aide; KDES; Debra Cushner, Teacher; KDES; Sharon Barnartt, Professor/Program Coordinator; History, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology  


Thangi Appanah,Associate Professor/BA Program Director; Education; Dr. Patrick Boudreault, Associate Professor/MA-SLED Program Coordinator; ASL and Deaf Studies Program; Dr. Deborah Schooler, Associate Professor; Psychology; Dr. Teresa Burke, Associate Professor; History, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology; Danielle Hunt, Assistant Professor/MAI Program Coordinator; Department of Interpretation; Dr. Sanyukta Jaiswal, Associate Professor; Hearing, Speech and Language Science; Dr. Raylene Paludneviciene, Professor/ASL-PT Developer; Psychology; Dr. Pilar Pinar, Professor/Chair; World Languages and Cultures; Dr. Kendra Smith, Professor/Chair; Counseling Department; Lori Lutz, Director, Research and Evaluation; Planning, Development and Dissemination; Karen Sheffer, Director, Recruitment; Recruiting/Retention  

New employees  

Michelle Burke, Lecturer I; Science, Technology and Math; Matthew McKinney, Instructor; Physical Educ.ation and Recreation; Dr. Emily Shaw, Assistant Professor; Department of Interpretation; Dr. Gaurav Arora, Assistant Professor; Science, Technology and Math; Richard Cornish, Lecturer I; ASL and Deaf Studies Program; Elizabeth Martinez, Lecturer I; ASL and Deaf Studies Program; Chad Ervin, Long Term Aide; Curriculum and Assessment; Chaminda Hewapathirana, Long Term Aide; Curriculum and Assessment; Kari Analco, Teaching Fellow; MSSD Teachers; Alicia Farias, Teacher; KDES; Stephen Farias, Teacher; MSSD Teachers; Michael Higgins, Teacher; KDES; Carolina Kohn, Teaching Fellow; MSSD Teachers; Morgan Lee, Teacher; MSSD Teachers; Kevin I Kovacs, Head Men’s Basketball Coach/Program Coordinator; Athletics; James Bruner, Director, Maguire Academy of Risk Management and Insurance; Dean, SEBHS; Heather Costner, Assistant Principal; KDES; Dylan Arthur Westbury, Manager, Transition Programming; MSSD; Daniel Fava, Teaching Fellow; MSSD  


Dr. Mary Clark, Professor/Program Director, Educational Specialist in Deaf Education; Education, Dr. Robert Harrison, Professor/Chair/InternshipCoordinator; Art, Communication and Theater, Dr. Patricia Foley, Professor; Art, Communication and Theater, Dr. Marquessa Brown, BA Program Coordinator/Professor; Social Work, Ronald Duckett, Custodian/Floor Maintenance; Custodial Services, Sandra Shell; Supervisor; Custodial Services

2 November 2015


Recent Posts

Roberto E. Wirth, E-’74 & H-’09, passed away on June 5 in Rome, Italy. Mr. Wirth was owner and managing director of the Hotel Hassler in Rome, one of the most prestigious family-owned hotels in the world, and owned several other hotels and resorts throughout Italy. He was a strong advocate for deaf people in...

Alumnus Timel Benton has signed a contract with the Bay Area Panthers of the Indoor Football League (IFL). Benton, who graduated last month, is the first Gallaudet Bison to sign a professional football contract since Tony Tatum signed on with the Utah Blaze in the now-disbanded Arena Football League (AFL) in May 2013. Benton was...

James Caverly, ’11, who plays Theo Dimas in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building, will play Professor Harold Hill in the Olney Theatre Center’s summer production of Meredith Willson’s Tony-winning musical The Music Man, which opens tonight and runs through July 23. The show’s official opening is on Thursday, June 23. Sandra Mae Frank, ’13,...

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Deaf hotelier Roberto Wirth passes away
Alumnus Timel Benton to play professional football
Alumni, faculty featured in The Music Man at Olney Theatre Center
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