Announcements from Human Resources Service

Email announcements that were sent to Gallaudet employees from Human Resources Services can be found below.


September 27: [PDF] [VLOG]

August 31: [PDF] [VLOG]

August 21: [PDF] [VLOG]

June 25: [PDF] [VLOG]

June 1: [PDF] [VLOG]

May 1: [PDF] [VLOG]

March 9: [PDF] [VLOG]

February 15: [PDF] [VLOG]

January 24: [PDF] [VLOG]

January 23: [PDF] [VLOG]


November 13: [PDF] [VLOG]

October 24: [PDF] [VLOG]

September 14: [PDF] [VLOG]

July 26: [PDF] [VLOG]

May 24: [PDF] [VLOG]

April 5: [PDF]

March 21: [PDF] [VLOG]

February 16: [PDF] [VLOG]

January 25: [PDF]

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