Wellness Incentives

Employees who are currently enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB) Program can take advantage of the wellness incentives offered under their health insurance plans. 
Please note that all FEHB plans cover 100% of the tobacco cessation benefit.  Such benefits include: four tobacco cessation counseling sessions of at least 30 minutes for at least two quit attempts per year. This includes proactive telephone counseling, group counseling and individual counseling; All 7 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -approved tobacco cessation medications with a doctor's prescription.  These benefits will be provided with no copayments or coinsurance and not subject to deductibles, annual or life time dollar limits.

* Receive the lowest price guarantee to over 10,000 health clubs nationwide.  Please visit 
GlobalFit for the closest gym to you. 
* Obtain discounts on fitness products, such as Zumba and Total Gym through
* Receive at least 25% discount on natural therapy, such as acupuncture and massage therapy, by visiting this

* Wellness coaches will help you develop a personalized plan for weight management.  For more information, call CIGNA/CareAllies at 1-800-582-1314 (Only offered to High Option members).
* Receive discounts on weight reduction programs such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystem.
* Receive up to 60% off on gym memberships.  For more information, please register here

Blue Cross Blue Shield 
* Save on initiation and monthly fees at over 8,000 health clubs nationwide. Please click here for more information.
* Receive up to $50 credit for qualified medical expenses if you participate in the online health evaluation program (Blue Health Assessment) and online coaching sessions. Please visit this website: https://www.fepblue.org/en/wellness-resources-and-tools/health-tools/blue-health-assessment
to begin your assessment.

CareFirst BlueChoice 
* Obtain discounts to a wide variety of wellness programs, including fitness clubs, personal training, Medifast, chiropractor services. Please visit this
link for more information.

* Receive special discounts on gym memberships at more than 10,000 health clubs nationwide, discounts on workout equipment and videos, discounts on the NutriSystem weight management program and discounts on 12-week health coaching programs.  Visit the GlobalFit website for more information. 

* Receive discounts on acupuncture, massage therapy services, health club memberships, chiropractor care, herbs, vitamins, and supplements, and health and fitness books and videos.  To search for a health club near you or for more information on these discount programs, please visit this

Mail Handlers 
A free Health Risk Assessment is available online at this link. The Assessment is used to improve awareness of lifestyle behaviors and their effects on overall health risks. Enrollees will be provided with a Personal Health Report that’s automatically generated when the Assessment is completed.

ight management from Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and other popular programs; nutrition counseling; health clubs including Gold's Gym and Curves; and fitness equipment and apparel.  For information on how to receive discounts, please visit this

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