Plan Provider:  Standard Insurance Company
Group Number: 643908-A

The University provides long-term disability insurance to all regular status employees. Employees are eligible after 30 days of continuous, active employment. The elimination period is 90 days from the onset of the disability. Long-term disability insurance provides for 60 percent of your basic salary if you become totally disabled. In order to receive a timely LTD benefit, an application should be processed within the 90-day waiting period. 

The biweekly premium will be $0.08 per $100 of the monthly base salary.  If employees wish to opt out of the plan, they must complete an enrollment form within 31 days from their date of hire or during Open Season.  Please click here for the enrollment form. 

For more information on the long-term disability insurance plan, please review the documents below:

Long-Term Disability Plan Summary Booklet

Long-Term Disability Plan Summary Amendment

Long-Term Disability Benefits at a Glance


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