Annual Leave - Non-Union Staff

Who is eligible to accrue Annual Leave?

Regular status and extended temporary staff employees are eligible to accrue annual leave. Short-term temporary staff, student workers, and call-in, substitute or incidental workers do not accrue annual leave.

Can Annual Leave be borrowed in advance?

No. If you have no annual leave and there are no other paid leave policies which apply to your absence, the time off must be taken as leave without pay. Exempt employees may not take leave without pay for less than a full day.

Can I use sick leave if I have no Annual Leave?

No. Sick leave is for a personal illness, medical appointments or for caring for a sick family member.

Can I use my Annual Leave any time I want?

Efforts are made to grant annual leave on the days requested as long as the request is made well in advance and the absence will not create a hardship for the office. If annual leave is used regularly for "emergencies," a supervisor may require documentation or the leave may not be approved.

Can my supervisor refuse to grant me Annual Leave if I am late for work?

Yes, your supervisor can deny your request for annual leave, and the time absent will be considered leave without pay.

Does Annual Leave accrue while in a leave without pay status?


Is prior service at government agencies recognized in determining accrual rates?


Does prior service at Gallaudet count in determining accrual rates?

Yes, if the service was in a regular status or extended temporary position. Prior service as a short-term temporary staff member, student worker, or call-in, substitute or incidental worker does not count.

Where can I find additional information about Annual Leave?

For more information, please contact the HRS Office or refer to the Annual Leave policy in the Administration and Operations Manual.