Can a supervisor require medical documentation?

The supervisor may require medical certification for the employee's own serious health condition or for the serious health condition of a family member. Medical certification should be provided in advance if possible. When this is not possible, the employee is expected to provide the certification to the supervisor within 15 calendar days of his or her request. A form is provided for this purpose and is available from the HRS Office. Supervisors may not request additional information. However, a health care provider representing the University may contact the employee's health care provider, with the employee's permission, for the purposes of clarification and authenticity of the medical certification.

Gallaudet may require recertification from a health care provider at regular intervals while the employee is on leave; however, not more often than every 30 days unless:

  1. the employee requests an extension of leave;
  2. circumstances have changed regarding the illness or injury; or
  3. the supervisor receives information which casts doubt upon the continuing validity of the most recent certification. The requested information must be provided within 15 calendar days. Periodic status reports from the employee may be obtained more frequently.

If an employee fails to provide certification, the University may deny the employee continuation of leave.