Outside and Intra-Institutional Employment - Non-Union Staff and Clerc Center Teachers

Can I accept an assignment to work in another department on campus during my regular work hours?

If you work full time in a department on campus, you may not work for another department during your regular working hours without the prior consent of your supervisor and budget unit head. If you are going to be paid by the other department, you will either need to make up the time in your home department (with your supervisor's approval), or you may be required to take leave without pay. Exempt employees may not take leave without pay for less than a full day. You may not take paid leave to work for another department on campus. On occasion, employees may be loaned to another department during the work day, or an assignment in another department during regular working hours may be considered part of an employee's appointment. The employee continues to receive his/her regular earnings from the home department. Reimbursement to the home department for the employee's time may be arranged.

Can I work in another department after my regular work hours or during my lunch break?

You may work in another department during your non-working hours as long as that employment does not interfere with the performance expectations of the home department. Non-exempt employees must be paid at their overtime rate or at the weighted average of two rates for all hours worked over 40 per week.

Can I work for another employer after my regular work hours or during my lunch break?

If you work for another employer during non-scheduled work hours, this employment must not in any way interfere with your duties at Gallaudet. In no instance is an employee permitted to work for another employer during his/her normal working hours at Gallaudet or using Gallaudet facilities or equipment. This includes self-employment.

Where can I find more information about outside an intra-institutional employment?

For more information, please contact the HRS Office or refer to the Outside and Intra-Institutional Employment policy in the Administration and Operations Manual.