Parental Leave - Non-Union Staff and Clerc Center Teachers

Who is eligible for paid Parental Leave?

Regular status and extended temporary staff and Clerc Center teachers are eligible for paid parental leave. (University faculty should refer to the Faculty Guidelines.)

Is Parental Leave only for new mothers?

Parental leave is given to the mother, legally acknowledged father/registered domestic partner, or the legal adoptive parents.

What is the purpose of Parental Leave?

Parental leave is designed to allow parents time to bond with a new child.

How much time can I have off?

Three weeks.

Can I take Parental Leave at any time?

Parental leave must be taken within 12 months after the birth or adoption.

If I adopt two children, is the leave increased?

No, leave is not increased for multiple births or adoptions.

Can I use Parental Leave to care for my sick children?

No, parental leave is not intended to allow a parent to care for a sick child.

Where can I find additional information about Parental Leave?

For more information, please contact the HRS Office or refer to the Parental Leave policy in the Administration and Operations Manual.