Sick Leave - Non-Union Staff

Who is eligible to accrue Sick Leave?

Most employees are eligible to accrue sick leave.  Regular and extended temporary employees staff accrue four (4) hours biweekly. Other temporary employees, except for student workers, are also eligible to accrue sick leave.  It would begin with the first day of employment, according to the following schedule, but may not be used until after 90 days of service.  The temporary employees accrue one (1) hour of sick leave per each thirty-seven (37) hours worked (leave does not accrue while using leave), not to exceed fifty-six (56) hours per calendar year. 

Can Sick Leave be borrowed in advance?

As a general rule, the answer is no. There is, however, a sick leave loan program for employees with chronic illnesses or long-term disabling conditions who have exhausted all of their leave -- both sick and annual -- and have satisfied a five day, leave-without-pay waiting period.

Can I use Annual Leave if I have no Sick Leave?

If you exhaust all of your sick leave and must be absent for an illness or injury, you may use your annual leave.

If I need to call in sick, by what time should I call?

You are expected to notify your immediate supervisor or a person designated by your supervisor as early as possible but no later than your scheduled starting time.

Must I call in every day when I am on Sick Leave?

If your supervisor has reason to believe you will be at work, you must call to let him or her know you will not. If your supervisor has received notice and documentation that you will be out for a certain period of time, it is not necessary to call in every day.

Can a supervisor refuse to grant Sick Leave?

Under certain conditions, yes. For example, if you fail to provide requested documentation, your supervisor may charge the absence to leave without pay.

Do I have to provide documentation each time I am absent on Sick Leave?

No. However, your supervisor may ask that you provide documentation for absences of three days or more, or if you appear to be abusing sick leave.

Can I use Sick Leave to care for my children?

Yes, up to 56 hours per year may be used to care for a sick family member.

If I am on vacation and get sick, can I change my leave slip to reflect Sick Leave?

Sick leave is not usually substituted while on other types of leave.

Does Sick Leave accrue while in a Leave without Pay status?


Does prior service at Gallaudet count in determining accrual rates?

No. Unlike annual leave, the accrual rate for sick leave does not increase based on length of service. All staff employees accrue sick leave at the rate of four hours per pay period (prorated for part-time employees).

Where can I find additional information about Sick Leave?

For more information , please contact the HRS Office or refer to the Sick Leave policy or the Sick Leave Loan policy in the Administration and Operations Manual.