The Gallaudet University community recognizes the need to adopt an assessment process that advances evidence-based decisions about teaching, learning, bilingualism, diversity, campus life, academic support, and student development. This process employs data-driven decision-making to continuously increase student achievement and institutional effectiveness.

The Assessment Office supports and oversees several assessment processes at Gallaudet University which are:

Program Assessment Report (beginning AY 2018-2019)

  • Beginning for some programs in 2017-2018, and for all programs 2018-2019.
  • Combines the LAU and SA into one report
  • Completed annually on Watermark platform.
  • Due first Friday in June.

Learning Assessment Update (LAU)

  • In effect 2006-2018. Transition from LAU to Program Assessment Report began with a pilot group in 2017-2018.
  • Will cease for all programs 2018-2019
  • Due First Friday in June

Senior Assessment (SA)

  • In effect 2015-2017.
  • Ceased AY 2016-2017 because Senior Assessments are now a part of Learning Assessment Update. Will be incorporated into Program Assessment Report beginning 2018.

Unit Effectiveness Planning (UEP)

  • Due annually in the fall to Dean(s) with a copy to OAQ.
  • In effect since 2011.

Senior Literacy Assessment (SLA)

  • In effect 2009-2015 when Senior Assessment began.
  • Program collected final written English and ASL products from their graduating seniors in fall and spring and submit products in spring.

Note: All relevant assessment reports are available in the Blackboard under "Program Assessment Outcomes Information".

You will need Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat reader is free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.