A Gallaudet Campus Climate survey was developed in 2007 and had been distributed to faculty and staff every spring until 2013. The majority of the questions were centered around six themes:

  • Respect and trust
  • Institutional communication and information sharing
  • Management style
  • Academic culture
  • Freedom of expression
  • Bilingualism.

To address a wider range of higher education issues and to allow for comparison to peer institutions, Gallaudet University adopted the Ruffalo Noel-Levitz Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) and Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) beginning in spring 2015. The ESS is distributed to University faculty and staff, and the SSI is distributed to undergraduate and graduate students.

For details on the results of the ESS and the SSI, see the reports posted below.

Gallaudet Campus Satisfaction Surveys 2019



Gallaudet Campus Satisfaction Surveys 2018


Gallaudet Campus Satisfaction Surveys 2017




Gallaudet Campus Satisfaction Surveys 2016



Gallaudet Campus Satisfaction Surveys 2015

Climate Forum



Gallaudet Campus Climate Survey 2013

Gallaudet Campus Climate Survey 2012

GU Campus Climate Survey 2011

Gallaudet Campus Climate Survey 2010

GU Campus Climate Survey 2009

Gallaudet Campus Climate Survey 2008

GU Campus Climate Survey 2007

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