CITI Online Courses

To register go to where it says "Create an Account". Pick Gallaudet as the participating institution. The rest of the registration should be familiar to you such as creating a username and password and providing a security question and an answer.  For Step 5 where it asks about receiving CME/CEU credit - click no.

Gallaudet requires that students one module, titled 'Students in Research'.   After you have completed the registration information, you will then see 4 questions which will help you select which learner group you want to join.   If you are doing research that has no more than minimal risk, select "Students conducting no more than minimal research". On the next page - click on Students - Class projects.  You will then see the module required by Gallaudet.

If you plan to videotape your research participants or do an in-depth interview of your research participants, you are encouraged to complete the modules under the question: "Responsible Conduct of Research".  This section has several courses listed.  Please select the courses that best fit your research area.

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to take as many modules as relevant to your area of teaching/study.   At a minimum, you are encouraged to take the modules under the topic of "Conflicts of Interest".

CITI does not have a time limit - you may take the modules/courses as often as you want. Gallaudet requires at least an 80% passing grade (averaged out from the different modules).

Please contact if you have any questions.