You can only delete a study on Cayuse IRB if you have not submitted an initial submission for it. If a submission has already been submitted, you will need to submit a “Withdrawal” submission.

  1. You need to delete the current submission in action. If there are no submissions associated with your study, skip to Step 2.
    Click “Submissions” on your sidebar and locate the relevant submission.
    Click “Delete” on the Submission Details page. 
    Click “delete” again in the popup to delete your submission.

  2. This will bring you directly to the study details page. If you did not have a submission, click “Studies” on your sidebar and locate the relevant study. Click “Delete” and choose “Delete” again in the popup. The study has now been deleted.

  3. You also have the option of choosing “new submission” and clicking “withdrawal.” This is the route you must take if your submission was already submitted to the IRB Staff.