Q: How do I log in?

Q: What is my username and password?

Q: Can external researchers get a Cayuse account?

Q: I’m a student at Gallaudet submitting an application. How do I add my faculty sponsor to my application?

Q: How long does it take to review my Cayuse Human Ethics submission?

Q: Why can't I see CITI results for myself or another researcher in Cayuse Human Ethics?

Q: Who do I contact for help?

Q: I am a faculty sponsor, the student has asked me to certify however some changes need to be made before submitting. How do I send the submission back to the student?

Q: How can I delete a study in Cayuse Human Ethics? I have duplicate studies and how do I delete those duplicates?

Q: Why do I keep getting expiration reminders after completing a Renewal submission?

Q: My files are too big to attach in Cayuse Human Ethics. What should I do?

Q: Do researchers need to keep hard copies of consent forms or can they be scanned and saved electronically? If they need paper copies, how long must they be stored?

Q: What does "enrollment" mean? I don't think I'm enrolling any participants