The IRB's role at Gallaudet extends to all research involving human subjects whether conducted by faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, or non-Gallaudet researchers. All research projects that fit the Humans Subjects Research category including information previously obtained from human subjects must be submitted to the IRB before recruitment of subjects begins. The purpose of the IRB is to inform and protect human subjects used in research. The IRB acts as an advocate for the research subject. This means that the IRB, during its review of a research project and the informed consent, has the right and responsibility to ensure that the research subject is fully informed of the procedures involved in the study as well as the risks.

Members of Institutional Review Board as of Fall 2019.

Julie A. Hochgesang, Department of Linguistics, IRB Chair,
Gene Mirus, Department of ASL and Deaf Studies, IRB Vice-Chair
Steven Collins, Department of Interpretation & Translation
Carolyn Corbett, Department of Psychology
Teresa Crowe, Department of Social Work
Margie English, Department of Interpretation and Translation
Yeh Kim, Graduate Student representative alternate
Lori Lutz, Clerc Center
David Penna, Department of Government and Public Affairs
Pilar Pinar, Department of World Languages & Cultures
Juliana Sarkodee, Community Member
Onudeah Nicolarakis, Department of Education

Non-voting members

Ryanne Rosier, Graduate student
Shannon Augustine, Technical consultant
Kathleen Arnos, Volunteer reviewer
Corine Bickley, Volunteer reviewer
Kate Lorenzo, Technical intern