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Grades 6 - 8

Students in sixth to eighth grade rotate to different teachers who provide specific core subject instruction throughout the day. In addition to core academic subjects, students take curriculum enhancement classes and participate in activities such as visual and digital art, dance, ASL performing arts, physical education, and STEAM projects.

As they progress through middle school, they engage in activities that prepare them for the transition to the academic and social world of high school.

The Adventure Ahead!

As students enter the eighth grade, KDES teachers and support staff prepare them for transition to high school. Students receive guidance in the areas of academics, health, responsibility, and independence. When KDES students complete eighth grade, they are automatically eligible to continue their education at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD). Located adjacent to the elementary school, MSSD is a four-year, fully accredited, tuition-free high school with a residential and day program.

Congratulations to our graduating 8th graders!

Grades 6 - 8 Staff

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Stephen Farias

Coordinator of Teaching and Learning for 6th - 8th Grades

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Lia Bengtson

Social Studies Teacher

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Randee Bickford

Math Teacher

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Brandon McMillan

Science Teacher

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Tarja Lewis

English & Language Arts Teacher

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Debra Wolff

ASL Teacher

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Kathy Pongor

Resource Teacher

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Ruth Reed

Teacher Aide