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Counseling, Physical & Occupational Therapy Services

Counseling, assessment, and social work services are part of the Student Services program at KDES. Counseling is provided to increase skill development in social interaction, decision-making, enhancing self-esteem, and developing effective communication skills within the classroom setting. 

Counseling is provided directly to students through individual and group therapy, play therapy, peacemaking, and crisis intervention. Services are also provided indirectly through consultation with teachers. A strong foundation in social skills and socio-emotional development is necessary for a student to be successful in the classroom and in life.

The KDES counselors, social worker, and school psychologist integrate actively into the academic programs to support the goal of promoting positive mental health. With a focus on prevention, our staff, trained to work with deaf and hard of hearing children, is available on site to provide direct services to students and their families. These specialists work as a team to assess a student's needs and implement services. Specialists work closely with families to help identify and coordinate more extensive services with private practitioners in the community as needed.

Counseling, Social Work, and Psychology Staff

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Christen Szymanski

Schoool Psychologist

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Blake Culley

School Psychologist