Streaming Videos

The library has two streaming video services: Films on Demand (FOD) and Kanopy Streaming Videos.  Gallaudet students, faculty and staff have unlimited access to Films on Demand videos.  Access to Kanopy videos is very limited.  Please see below for details.

We encourage you to use Films on Demand before Kanopy.

Films on Demand Streaming Videos

Films on Demand is a collection of thousands of captioned, streaming, educational videos, archival films, and newsreels in 30 subject areas.  They are accessible to all current Gallaudet students, faculty, and staff.

To open Films on Demand, click the link below.  You may have to log on.

To link a video to Blackboard, copy the "Record URL" and paste it into Blackboard.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you use any film with a group, preview it on the equipment and in the location you plan to use.  You can adjust the captions to suit your preferences:

  • On the Films on Demand page, click "My Films." Create an account if you don't already have one
  • Log on to your account
  • Click "Welcome [your name]"
  • Click "My Account settings"
  • Scroll down to "Caption Settings"
  • Adjust the font size, font family, font color, and background color
  • Scroll down and click "Save Changes"

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Kanopy Streaming Videos

Kanopy is a collection of more than 26,000 videos, including titles from PBS, BBC, Criterion Collection, Media Education Foundation, and  Kanopy is a "pay-per-use" product, and the Library's access is experimental and subject to change. 

Gallaudet faculty and staff may request access to specific Kanopy videos.  To open Kanopy, click the link below.  You may have to log on. If a title is not available, you will see "This film is not available at your institution yet" and a request form.  Please fill out our request form.  Filling out our request form will help speed up our response to your request.

PLEASE be aware that because each film costs $135, we may not be able to fill your request.  We strongly encourage you to find and use similar Films on Demand streaming videos.

If you  have any questions, please contact us.

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