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Art, Culture, and Competitions

Creativity and Innovation Abound at Gallaudet.

The creative energy never stops here.

With so many opportunities to create, compete and innovate – on campus, in the city, across the nation and abroad – it’s no surprise that Gallaudet is a stepping stone for playwrights, dancers, artists and actors in our community.

Create & Collaborate Bilingually

At Gallaudet, art and innovation are found everywhere you look. Develop your skills as a dynamic leader, a powerful communicator, and a creative thinker. Collaborate with other aspiring artists, performers, and innovators while receiving unparalleled professional training and an empowering education.

Perform at the White House or around the world with our renowned dance company.
Work on a world-premiere performance or with an international digital animation firm headquartered right on campus!​
Study with our internationally renowned faculty as an art major and display your artwork in the Linda K. Jordan Gallery​
Immerse yourself in the world of film with the on-campus organization Bison TV and produce TV series, sketches, and news videos.​
Collaborate on interactive technology projects in the Motion Light Lab.​
Take a drawing, painting, design, ceramics,digital media class. Develop your eye for photography with our studios and darkrooms.​
Enjoy the riveting entertainment of the Gallaudet Theatre Arts Department and their productions every semester. Be a part of it as an actor or stage crew for elective credits! ​

Film & TV, Perform and View Exhibits

Gallaudet is the world’s most prominent center for deaf and visual performing arts. On top of that, we have student-led clubs and organizations that allow students to express their creativity.

We are the proud alma mater of many talented performers, with Gallaudet students and alumni having starred in film and TV productions such aslike “Switched at Birth,” “Glee” and “Fargo”, even including the Broadway production of Deaf West’s Spring Awakening, and more.

Gallaudet Studio

One of Washington, D.C’s largest studios can be found at Gallaudet University. With the support of deaf professional creative talent, a top-notch 60′ x 40′ production facility plus plenty of equipment and software options. All ready for your next video, film and photography project.


Bison TV is a student media organization under Student Body Government at Gallaudet University. Students get the opportunity to run the organization in  a variety of positions in order to gain experience and understanding of the work in media and technology. 

BisonTV entertains the Gallaudet University community with short skits, latest sports updates, news reports, advertisements, and TV shows. At Bison TV, the videos and media produced is dedicated to informing our community of events and happenings on campus, and to share creative and artistic ideas.

The Gallaudet Community

Ethan Sinnott

Ethan Sinnott

Ethan Sinnott

Gallaudet is increasing the number of deaf MFA students.
Dr. Marguerite Glass

Dr. Marguerite Glass

Visual language is sought after in the workforce.

Joey Caverly

Best school for deaf actors.
Carey Ballard

Carey Ballard, '19

Gallaudet University is not only a university but also a hub for the deaf community with experiences.
Nikolya Sereda

Nikolya Sereda

I decided to come to Gallaudet because my high school participation in the Academic Bowl brought me to the campus so I was already feeling at home here.
Colin Denny

Colin Denny, '19

As an art student at Gallaudet, I have learned new tools and strategies, while benefiting from teacher and peer feedback.


The Gallaudet spirit moves people in different ways! The Gallaudet Dance Company is one of our campus’ staples, and never fails to lift up the community with a performance at major events, graduation, and their annual recital.

Motion Light Lab

A space where creative literature meets digital technology to create immersive learning experiences, with projects exploring bilingual interfaces through visual narratives for a learning experience.

Started in 2009, the Motion Lab has undertaken initiatives such as Literacy Development for Deaf Children, Interactive Learning Experiences, and Signing Avatars & 3D Landscapes

Pigmental Studios

In 2016, Pigmental Studios announced a new headquarters at Gallaudet University’s campus near the NoMa-Gallaudet U Metro Station in Northeast. Pigmental has partnered with the university to offer courses on campus and internships opportunities for Gallaudet students.

The company produces animated content for film, television, commercials, gaming, and online. They have also worked with major studios such as Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar, among others.

Digital Animation

Take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities, tools and guidance to create new and exciting ventures.

Debate Team

A brand new venture launched in August of 2020, Gallaudet’s debate team cultivates critical thinking, fosters tolerance for differing opinions and points of view, and polishes public speaking skills.

College/Academic Bowl

Hosted by the Gallaudet University Youth Programs, the Academic Bowl League is an intramural trivia competition for college students. Veterans can relive their high school Academic Bowl days, and new players can get to be a part of the fun.

Held at every NAD Conference, Gallaudet University students competes biennially against other top colleges and universities serving deaf and hard of hearing students. Our College Bowl players have become lawyers, scientists, teachers and important advocates of the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Poetry Slams

Is storytelling your jam? Do you have a passion for poetry? Gallaudet’s poetry slams offer students the chance to share their creative talents via American Sign Language (ASL) with a wider audience. The stage is yours, so have fun and break a leg!

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate