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Athletics recreation and the Bison Spirit

It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you stay active. There’s a way to get involved in athletics and recreation at Gallaudet University.

Play at a high-level, and shine.

Have you ever joined a sports team and thought, will I be able to communicate with the rest of the team? Are the other student-athletes going to welcome my contributions? Does this group provide the necessary resources to help me achieve my goals?

By choosing Gallaudet, you answer yes to all these questions. We don’t want you only to improve your athleticism—we want you to shine.

Compete in NCAA

We have 7 men’s and 7 women’s varsity teams you can join. More than 200 student-athletes compete in our varsity athletics.

We accommodate student-athletes with a complete experience, provide relevant training programs, and innovative resources. Our goal is to enhance all aspects of athleticism, student-athlete well-being, and competitive performance while reducing injury risks in a safe and supportive environment.

Club Sport | Are you all about school spirit?

Check out our Cheerleading program.

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  • Athletics

    Women's Basketball

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    Men's Swimming & Diving

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Bison Athletes


Lennette Butler

Being a student athlete provides the support I need.

Cameron Upton

The Gallaudet baseball team is more than just a team.

Andrew Makarewicz

GU athletics provided me with a team that I could call my family.
Darriyan Thomas

Darriyan Thomas

I chose Gallaudet University because I wanted to discover my identity and be involved with the Deaf community.
Emelia Beldon

Emelia Beldon

Participating in sports was the best decision I made here at Gallaudet University.

Timel Benton

I chose Gallaudet because I saw an opportunity to learn a new language and be part of Gallaudet’s football culture
Sharon Castillo

Sharon Castillo

It’s a privilege to represent the deaf community.

Student-athletes connect and thrive easily.

Our coaches and staff support students from different communication backgrounds and adopt the best communication methods for our student-athletes on and off the field Consequently, student-athletes gain the confidence to do what they do best, a solid footing in their athletic journey, and constant individualized support in direct communication.

The Bison Spirit and Recreation

A healthy student is a happy student. Gallaudet’s modern facilities is the place where every student can exercise their body, strengthen their spirit, and empower them to their utmost fitness and well-being.

Be a Bison fan

All it takes is spirit! You don’t have to be a serious athlete to get involved—our Field House can seat more than 2,000 fans as they gather to cheer on our beloved Bisons. Do you bleed  Buff and Blue? 

Play for fun and complete | Intramural Programs

Intramural programs provide students who are not on an intercollegiate team a low-commitment, fun opportunity to participate in sports, while benefiting from the team camaraderie  and making new connections in the Gallaudet community.

Support Gallaudet Athletics

Donate to the Gallaudet athletics program to help improve the student-athlete experience. You can help offset equipment and travel costs. Your donations are much appreciated and will help improve the lives of our student-athletes at Gallaudet University.

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate