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Freedom, Confidence and Opportunities

Gallaudet University is a fully accessible environment with the bilingual use of American Sign Language and English. Imagine yourself walking the halls on-campus having access to everything and everyone at Gallaudet. Bilingualism at Gallaudet opens up doors of opportunities for you. We apply four key principles to the experience of our bilingual learning environment.


  • Sit with anyone and start up a conversation
  • Foster connections that will expand your horizons after graduation
Students with country flags


Academic Discourse

  • Join a study group and get advice from professors
  • Travel abroad and connect with international deaf and signing communities
Students with Bison

Social and Cultural Discourse

What is the Bilingual Advantage?

Our advantages for Gallaudet students and faculty/staff include extensive student-faculty of 8:1 ratio collaboration, everything being designed for deaf and hard of hearing students, welcoming linguistically diverse students and communication access.

Bilingual Research @ GU

Research shows that a bilingual approach enhances learning as compared to learning only one language. Our university is home to the state-of-the-art Petitto Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging that has published research on the effects of learning bilingualism from a young age and their research work continues to this day on bilingual language acquisition.

ASL Myths Busted

Want to know more about the bilingual advantage? View the detailed video to learn about common myths of acquiring bilingual language skills in American Sign Language and English.

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate