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Core curriculum courses in the Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science Departments make up the backbone of the academic program at MSSD. Elective classes expose students to other subject areas and allow them to discover additional strengths they may have.

At MSSD, students participate in elective classes in two ways. They register for electives as part of their course schedule and earn credits towards graduation requirements.

Students may register for credit-based elective courses in such areas as the arts, computer technology, and physical education. We offer a large collection of diverse elective topics every semester such as Debate, Journalism, Team sports, Media Arts: Illustrator, History of World Religions, Forensics, Financial Literacy, Literary Magazine: Griffin Chronicles, Probability & Statistics, Literature & Film Studies, and English Grammar 101.

Meghan Maiwald: No Picture

Meghan Maiwald


Physical Education

Jill Naumann: blue shirt with short brown hair

Jill Naumann


Dual Credit: Page Layout, Programming: Layout & AP Computer Science Principles

Christine Parrotte: blue and multicolored patterned shirt with short blonde hair

Christine Parrotte


Visual Arts & Media Arts