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In math classes at MSSD, students develop their ability to: identify and analyze patterns, think logically and critically and they are immersed in activities aimed at improving their problem-solving skills. Instruction is informed by a number of data and assessment tools which enable teachers to identify areas of difficulty and differentiate according to individual student needs. A variety of technology is utilized in the teaching and learning engagement, and this adds to the ethos of rich interaction and enthusiasm for learning.

Daniel Fava: pink shirt with brown hair and beard

Daniel Fava


Dual Credit: Math in Society & Calculus

Michael Higgins: blue shirt with grey jacket and short brown hair

Michael Higgins


Algebra 2 & Financial Literacy

Karlis Intsons: green sweater with short blonde hair

Karlis Intsons


Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1

Yumeng Li: dark blue shirt with white pattern and short brown hair

Yumeng Li


Algebra 1 & Math Essentials

Jie Ma: dark blue shirt and short brown hair

Jie Ma


Algebra 1 & Math Essentials

Keith Westerhoelter: No Picture

Keith Westhoelter


Geometry & Statistics/Probability