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Across the sciences at MSSD, instruction is centered on application in real-world contexts. Classes are abuzz with experimentation and simulations, with students taking responsibility for their learning. An ASL-English bilingual approach is taken, prioritizing both languages as students complete and present assignments in both ASL and text. Instructional strategies take account of students’ individual needs – with technology incorporated to enhance the learning experience. Students learn to assess phenomena, debate findings and offer well-reasoned arguments with sound justification.


Field trips in and around DC add a rich component to science education at MSSD. These occur regularly and allow students to extend their appreciation for science beyond the walls of the classroom. They attend STEM festivals and prepare to present their own projects at MSSD’s annual STEAM Showcase. Essentially, students are guided to develop their abilities as critical thinkers, preparing for their role in a world that demands they assess the validity of arguments and make meaningful contributions to the ever-changing world around them.

Ruchi Gamta: blue shirt with white dots and black hair tied back

Ruchi Gamta


Physics & Forensics

Carolina Kohn: yellow shirt with long blonde hair

Carolina Kohn


Biology & Life Science

Emily Schreiner: black shirt with long brown hair

Emily Schreiner


Physical Science & AP Biology

John Van Wey: dark blue shirt with black buzz cut hair and facial hair

John Van Wey


Earth Science & Chemistry