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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department at MSSD aims to ensure students become externally aware, culturally literate, and socially responsible citizens. The best way to do this is by guiding students as they learn about how people in other places respond to various situations, whether during the present era or in the past.

In our Social Studies classes at MSSD, our Deaf students recognize that the idea of questioning is taught and valued. As they discover relationships among culture, government, economic concepts, and geography in our many different courses offered every semester ranging from US Studies: Colonization to Industrialization, Modern World Studies, African American Studies, 20th Century U.S. History through film, Latin American Studies, International Relations, Asian Studies, Military & Social History of World War II, Current Events, and many more, their horizons broaden and they develop a deeper understanding of our modern society.

John Borkowski: No Picture

John Borkowski


US Studies

David Day: dark brown shirt with short brown hair and beard

David Day


World History

Michael Hollywood: black and grey striped shirt with short brown hair

Michael Hollywood


Economics, Government & AP Psychology

Jesse Thomas: light grey shirt with red and blue patterned tie, short brown hair

Jesse Thomas


World Geography