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Honors Program

MSSD offers Advanced Placement (AP), honors, and college dual credit courses to challenge students with a deeper look into the subject matter through a wide variety of high-level assignments and reading.

AP courses are available in English, history, math, psychology, computer science, and science.  Students who take and pass the AP tests may receive college credit for their courses. Honors courses are available in English, math, social studies, and science.  

College dual credit courses are available in   Page Layout Design, and  Mathematics in Society  offered at MSSD starting in school year 2019-2020. These form part of the  dual credit program known as Project Fast Forward, a major initiative administered by RIT/NTID faculty. This is just one aspect of our growing relationship with colleges and we will be adding more courses to our catalog in subsequent years.

Comparable engagements are developing with Gallaudet University, where our students already attend with their teachers to observe classes and collaborate on project exercises. Credit earning opportunities are emerging.