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Multicultural & Transliteration Services

MTS provides interpreting, translating and cultural mediation services to students enrolled at MSSD, their families, and the teachers and staff working with them. Services include:

Interpreting and translation services: Bilingual and trilingual services are provided to teachers and staff in the Clerc Center and to families that speak languages other than English whose deaf/hard of hearing children are enrolled in MSSD.

Multi-Cultural Support Services:  Cultural and informational support is provided to families from diverse cultural backgrounds whose children are interested in, or are enrolled in MSSD to ensure a smooth transition to and through their academic careers.

Language HelpLine:  MTS runs a phone line open during regular business hours as well as after hours for non English-speaking parents of students at MSSD. Parents and/or guardians can use this line to contact the school to leave a message for staff members or to use in case of emergencies.


202 250-2935 VP/VRS

202 651-5646 fax