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Weekend Activities at MSSD

Weekends at MSSD are enriched through diverse activities, some of them created by the students. All activities are advertised in the dorm on our lobby TVs, through emails, and our MSSD App.

Weekend activities offered at MSSD may include:

• Visits to museums and parks

• Outdoor recreational adventures such as hiking, camping, and fishing

• Bus trips to various shopping malls in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area

• Shopping trips to local supermarkets

• Visits to amusement parks (water parks, roller coaster rides, and carnivals)

• Seasonal events such as the annual Kick-Off party (welcome back party); the Homecoming Dance and related events; haunted house tours, Prom, and the Graduation Bash for seniors and their families

• Students also engage in community service at scheduled times during the weekend, as required for graduation.