Camp Catch Them Young is a two-week, youth leadership and cultural immersion program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing high school students of color (grades 9-12). The principle is that we must Catch Them Young so we can coach and nurture them from young ages to prepare for the opportunities to be leaders. It is designed to address the college readiness of these students and empower them to pursue education and leadership opportunities.

Due to COVID-19, the camp will be held July 12-23, 2021 via Zoom; it will be a completely virtual camp. The cost for the camp is $250. For more information or to ask questions, please contact us at


The program’s goals are to:

  • Broaden their horizons;
  • Better prepare their minds to aspire to pursue a college degree;
  • Prepare them for the challenges of a college education; and
  • Plant the seeds of personal mission and vision towards leadership in their young minds.

Events Planned

The camp will include educational sessions, discussions, and rap sessions, Students will also have the opportunity to meet with several leaders, all Deaf and Hard of Hearing people of color, remotely.

The updated Camp schedule will be released on June 30, 2021.

Camps Strands

The camp topics are grouped into several strands Academic, Career/Employment, Culture, Life, Employment Skills and Tips, and Wellness. These workshops and activities are led by experts in the respective areas.

Discussions and Rap Sessions

Topics will include:

  • Race, Culture and Ethnicity
  • Overcoming Racism
  • Leadership Development Strategies
  • Networking
  • Strategies for Successful College Admissions
  • Strategies for Academic Success

Camp Application