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Welcome back students, staff, and faculty! We look forward to an exciting academic year 2012-2013  filled with many events sponsored by Multicultural Student Programs in collaboration with other offices. To assist you in keeping track of your events, we are proud to present our Multicultural Calendar of Academic Year 2012- 2013. It is your guide to a rich variety of activities and programs, including musicals, artistic and stage performances, dynamic speakers, weekly Turn-A-Page-Together, movie documentaries, and a Multicultural Festival. Our Multicultural Student Assistants (MSAs) will also keep the community busy and involved with workshops and activities on-campus throughout the year. Get ready to enjoy cultural and ethnic events guaranteed to touch the cultural heritage of every member of the Gallaudet community.

Multicultural Student Programs (MSP) is a unit of Office of Diversity and Equity for Students . MSP is a cultural  advocacy and resources unit. MSP provides support to racial and ethnic minority students and multicultural student organizations. MSP also provides activities, cultural celebrations, events and workshops for students, faculty, and staff. MSP has a wonderful collection of diversity-related books, magazines, and educational videos that can be utilized for educational and personal purposes. Come and use our resources as your schedule permits. MSP office is located in HMB E151-E. We look forward to an exciting year and to seeing you at our programs and events.

Elvia Guillermo, Coordinator


Calendar of Events


Image TAPT

Date: Oct. 3rd
Place: SJAC G-AREA or JSAC Flex B
Time: 12:00 PM

Do you enjoy reading good books and engaging in stimulating discussions about them? Then why not check out our Turn-A-Page-Together Program (TAPT). TAPT is a Multicultural book club offered each semester by MSP. The TAPT program is open to all members of the Gallaudet community (students, faculty, and staff) and meets every Wednesday at noon to discuss diversity related books.
TAPT is an opportunity for participants to provide a wide range of diverse views and perspectives about the book through discussion.
TAPT is FREE! Participants receive a FREE copy of the books and a FREE lunch from the Market Place each week. Space is limited.


                                                                                  Latino Heritage Month










Image: Kite Runner

Date: Feb. 8th
Place: HMB S150-A
Time: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Do you love to read great books and watch intriguing movies? Why not bring your passion for both together at the new Masterpiece Book & Film Club? Get together with faculty, staff and students to discuss books, films, costumes, characters and more! The Masterpiece Book & Film Club combines the appeal of a book club with the opportunity to be a film critic. It gathers people together to discuss works of literature and the ways filmmakers have interpreted them. The Masterpiece Book & Film Club is also a great way connect and to get to know each other. Best of all, it's educational and fun!

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: "Is Everybody Stupid?"
Ise Lyfe

Image: Ise Lyfe

Date: Feb. 8th
Place: JSAC L030- MPR
Time: 12:30 PM
Ise Lyfe fuses spoken word with personal stories and photographs, photos from internet and magazine sources, statistics, and archival documents to challenge mass acceptance of media policy and priorities and those cultural manifestations which we might embrace even though they contradict our own values. This timely multi-media interactive presentation is a detailed look into American apathy, disengagement and ignorance. From commercial Hip Hop defining white youth's notions of the African American experience to the commodification of proverty to Obama's ascendancy to the White House, Ise Lyfe's powerful session will engage and transform participants with his critical and creative analysis.
Ise Lyfe is Executive Director of Lyfe Productions, an educational/social marketing firm creating a popular culture of consciousness by finding ways to make both standard and alternative education provocative for young people growing up in inner-city. Ise is one of the nation's premier spoken word artist and educator, grass-roots organizer, and role model -- Ise Life is garnering national attention both as visionary artist and as a community leader. As an artisti, Ise was named one of the Bay Area's Top 25 Under 35 by City Flight magazine and his 2006 debut album "Spread the Word" drew national acclaim. Fusing spoken word and hip hop, Ise's unique style of delivery and powerful content grasps his audiences, deconstructing the facade of dominant narratives.

"The Art of Becoming A Successful Person": Benro Ogunyipe

Image: Benro Ogunyipe

Date: Feb. 15th
Place: 12:30 PM
Time: JSAC L030- MPR
Benro Ogunyipe was raised in Nigeria and never thought that one day he would have an opportunity to be a successful person after experiencing a severe hearing loss. Upon immigrating to the United States for a better educational opportunity, he began a path to success despite failures and struggles associated with being a Black Deaf male. Benro became a successful person and leader by hard work infused with passion in his aspirations. As a double minority in today's society, breaking through the barriers to achieve ultimate success is no easy task. It requires you to overcome the challenges of stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudices. Benro shares his experience on how to be a successful person through leadership training, self-advocacy, and education. This presentation explores the path to pursue in preparation to face and overcome the unexpected obstacles to be a successful person in the real world. It will help you to identify your future aspiration, know what your goals are, and inspire you to develop a burning desire to accomplish your goals.

STUDENTS OF COLOR LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE:Branding Yourself: How Do You Want People to Remember You

Image: Melissa Draganac-Hawk

Date: March 26 & 27
Place: SAC L030- MPR
Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Students of Color Leadership Institute offers strategic leadership training across cultures and assists individuals of color in becoming leaders in both the academic and organizational arenas. The training empowers individuals to recognize problems, intervene and facilitate resolutions. Participants will identify their own strengths and challenges of being a student leader of color. The workshops present an opportunity to discuss cultural competence, common dimensions, how values differ among cultures, leadership styles, and behavior supporting cultural competences and leadership styles.

Melissa S. Draganac-Hawk is a first-generation American of deaf immigrant Peruvian parents. In 1998, she earned two bachelors' degree in Production/Performance and American Sign Language and a Master's
Degree in Linguistics in 2001from Gallaudet University. She has been teaching American Sign Language for fourteen years and is currently an American Sign Language Specialist at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She gives frequent presentations on youth leadership, American Sign Language, and Diversity.


"Embrace Our Deaf Women Multiracial Asian-American Culture"

Shari Kido


Image: Shari Kido

Date: April 5th
Place: 12:30 PM
Time: JSAC L030- MPR

This workshop examines the current trends and issues for Deaf Asian young people striving to preserve their self-esteem and valuing their Asian culture in America. Shari Kido will discuss our accountability for Deaf Women Multiracial Asian-American youth who may lack cultural exposure to their families' values, traditions, and languages. Her vision is to have cultured and authentic Asian Deaf Women conveying their native celebrations to heighten awareness about cultural knowledge, while enriching, encouraging, and empowering those who will follow in their footsteps.

Ms. Kido earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Gallaudet University, and a Master's degree in Deaf Education from McDaniel College. In 2003, Ms. Kido taught ASL/JSL poetry elements to Japanese students in Tokyo. She is currently teaching ASL full-time to elementary students at California School for the Deaf, Riverside, (CSDR). She is a Board Member of the National Asian Deaf Congress.


"R-E-S-P-E-C-T: How to Talk about Politics & Religion Today"

Rob Asghar


Image: No - Hate

Date: April 21th
Place: JSAC L030- MPR
Time: 12:00 PM

These are angry and divisive times -but college campuses can actually be the best possible place to learn how to have honest conversations about the things that matter most to us, in a way that leaves us better and not bitter. As someone who's bridged radically different cultures, and as someone who's tried on more religions and political beliefs than most - ranging from Islam to Christianity to atheism to new age, and from liberalism to libertarianism - Rob has some unique insights into how to deal with different viewpoints in a way that makes all sides smarter.

Rob Asghar is a Pakistani American writer and political commentator serving as a fellow at the Center on Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California. His essays have appeared in more than 30 newspapers worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune and Japan Times. He is a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy and the Los Angeles World Affairs Council.

 Image: Unityfest Date: April 21th
Place: Gallaudet Mall
Time: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
MSP is proud to host our 5th Annual "UnityFest" event at Gallaudet University. UnityFest is a full day festival that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Gallaudet community. The full day of events will provide students, staff, and faculty an opportunity to explore and experience the wide variety of cultures that make up our campus community. Entertainers, programs, booths, and cultural activities are sponsored throughout the day to unite the campus and celebrate its diversity! If you are interested in providing diversity related booths, programs, entertainment, and/or cultural activities during UnityFest, please contact MSP at msp.office@gallaudet.edu.