Advising for Individuals and Groups: The LGBTQA Resource Center Coordinator is available by appointment to provide support and advise students, faculty, and staff.

Advocacy Leadership and Promotion of LGBTQA-Inclusive Campus Policies: The LGBTQA Resource Center leads and supports advocacy efforts to promote LGBTQA-inclusive policies and practices on campus through advocacy and education tailored to campus units and departments. Such services include assisting faculty, staff, and student leader development and contributing to curriculum transformation efforts to infuse information on diversity of gender and sexuality into academic offerings.

Education/Training: The LGBTQA Resource Center actively seeks to support and strengthen LGBTQA-related educational and social justice efforts on campus. The LGBTQA Resource Center Coordinator works collaboratively with students, staff, faculty, groups, and University offices and departments to promote the goals and fulfill the missions of each. We are especially supportive of projects that reflect our myriad and interwoven identities, while fostering respect for the full diversity of people and ideas in keeping with Gallaudet's Strategic Plan.

LGBTQA Resource Library: Housed in the Office of Diversity and Equity for Students, the library maintains a sizeable collection of LGBTQA-related books and DVDs. These items are available for students to peruse and check out. Examples include: The Last Time I Wore A Dress, The Lesbian Couples' Guide, Touching Fire, Does Your Mama Know? An Anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories, and Eyes of Desire: A Deaf Gay and Lesbian Reader, and many other titles.

Lounge: Our MSDM lounge, The Hangout, is housed in HMB S141, and is intended to be a safe, inclusive space for the Gallaudet University community to feel supported, valued, and engaged in shared academic and social pursuits. The lounge and our adjacent MSDM suite are available for educational and social events, speakers, workshops, and presentations on pertinent LGBTQA issues.

Rainbow Bison Directory: Listing of out LGBTQA and ally faculty and staff who are available supports for LGBTQA students on campus.

Research: Research assistance with topics relating to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

Student Support and Meet-Up Groups: Facilitation of LGBTQA student discussion and meet-up groups. We currently host Meet-Up groups for LGBTQA Undergraduate students, LGBTQA Graduate Students, and LGBTQA Students of Color.

Transgender Task Force: The LGBTQA Resource Center leads and facilitates the work of the University Transgender Task Force, which is responsible for campus advocacy efforts promoting transgender-inclusive policies and practices on campus - in compliance with DC and federal law and with the goal of improving the campus climate for individuals of all gender identities and expressions.

Transgender Student, Faculty, and Staff Resources: Resources for transgender students, staff, faculty, and alumni will include information such as campus and locally-based medical and mental health resource lists, and trans-friendly bathrooms on campus. The LGBTQA Resource Center Coordinator is available to meet and consult with students and their families, staff, faculty, alumni, and the community surrounding access for transgender individuals on Gallaudet's campus.

Website: The LGBTQA Resource Center maintains a comprehensive website with information on upcoming events, relevant presentations and trainings, links to local, national, and international news and resources, and a social media presence with regular posts to articles, links, videos, and interviews. Additionally, the Resource Center maintains a Resource Center Library of in-house films, books, journals, and other information including lists of available scholarships for LGBTQA students.