Housing Information

If you are a student and are living in, or plan to live in, Gallaudet University housing, we recognize that you may have concerns about your housing options, housemates/roommates, and safety. Residence Life and Housing and the LGBTQA Resource Center are committed to identifying and following through with safe and appropriate housing for all students living on campus, and will address individual needs on a case by case basis.

If you identify as transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming and want to talk about specific housing options, needs, or concerns, such as a single room because of medical needs or assistance in finding a trans-friendly roommate, you must still abide by housing application deadlines and preferably notify the Housing Operations Manager in the Office of Residence Life and Housing as soon as you know that you want to request a specific accommodation. The LGBTQA Resource Center Coordinator can also assist in facilitating and supporting your conversations with staff of Residence Life and Housing.

While you are not required to seek housing accommodations, you are encouraged to do so if you have concerns about facing hostility or harassment otherwise.

On-Campus Residency Requirement

From Gallaudet University Residence Life and Housing"At Gallaudet University, living on-campus is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in and be a part of a living and learning community. Students who stay in our residence halls will benefit from the residential living experience as an integral element of student engagement and educational success. Studies have shown that on-campus residents are more likely to succeed in academia and benefit from the social opportunities that are offered."

All first-year and second-year students are required to live in University residence halls, unless an exemption is granted.

Residence Hall Policies

From Gallaudet University Residence Hall Policies:

  • Excerpt on Diversity: "Diversity is the heart of Gallaudet's community. People with diverse backgrounds bring with them differing styles of communication and living and new perspectives. In the residence halls at a small university such as Gallaudet, you will find a number of people with interests similar to your own. You will also find people who are more different than you expect. The diversity of appearances, beliefs, communication, and expectations is captivating, brilliant, and sometimes intimidating. Diversity offers a wide 'curriculum' of situations and occasions that fosters personal growth. This is why we work hard to create an environment in which friendships with all people, similar and dissimilar, can flourish. The aspiration of our staff is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, where a student's rights to a safe, clean, and comfortable home are respected."
  • Excerpt on Student Conduct: "Student conduct is not considered in isolation within the University community but as an integral part of the educational process. Developing citizenship, respect for others, and responsible social behavior are part of the University's commitment to the education of the whole person; it is expected that student behavior will reflect well on self, bring credit to the University, and to contribute positively to student and University life. This includes upholding all published University policies, rules, and regulations. It is clear that in a community of learning, the willful disruption of the educational process, destruction of property and/or interference with the orderly processes of the University, or with the rights of other members of the University community, for example, cannot be tolerated. Ignorance of a rule or regulation will not be an acceptable defense, so we urge you to become familiar with the Student Code, Residence Hall Policies, and the conduct expectations of Gallaudet University students in general."

Student Code of Conduct and Hall Residence Hall Policies are available in the online Student Handbook.

Residence Life and Housing:  Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact Residence Life and Housing: residence.life@gallaudet.edu