Established through the Gallaudet LGBTQA Resource Center with the aid of the Office of Diversity and Equity for Students, the Gallaudet University Transgender Task Force is charged with making initial and ongoing assessments of attitudes and conditions throughout the University regarding inclusion and access for transgender students, staff, faculty, alumni, and other associates of the university.

The Transgender Task Force will make recommendations for changes and seek implementation of those recommendations on issues such as (1) the University-wide campus climate related to inclusion of transgender students, staff, and faculty; (2) access to appropriate supportive services for such students, staff, and faculty; and (3) other matters affecting the lives of transgender community members at Gallaudet.

Some of the issues to be addressed by the Transgender Task Force include:

  • Updating University non-discrimination statements pertaining to gender identity and expression
  • Developing forms for name changes on diploma/class registration/library/cafeteria plans ("one-stop shop")
  • Standardizing and streamlining name/gender change processes through Gallaudet Technology Systems (GTS)
  • Developing trans-inclusive housing policy in Office of Residence Life and Housing
  • Gender-neutral bathroom options on campus in existing and new facilities
  • Health services at SHS/CAPS; insurance coverage for hormones and gender affirming-surgery

The list of links on the left contain information about the current composition of the Task Force, resources available to the campus community, a comprehensive history of the Task Force, and latest updates.